MyAtriumHealth is an app and website that helps you manage your health. The MyAtriumHealth service is offered by Atrium Health for free. You can view your doctor’s notes, test results, allergies, and immunizations with MyAtriumHealth. You can also make appointments, send a message to your doctor, renew prescriptions, pay bills, and more.

TheAtriumHealth combines multiple patient portals into one easy-to-use digital application for scheduling appointments, setting up video and eVisits, contacting providers, requesting prescription refills, viewing test results, and more. You can access the official portal using a computer, tablet, or smartphone by visiting or by downloading the MyAtriumHealth App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

As well as accessing their own health information, MyAtriumHealth allows users to schedule appointments and see health information for their children or aging parents via a single account. Patients can also pay their bills and copays through the same patient portal.

As part of the MyChart Bedside feature, patients have access to personalized patient education materials, stay in touch with their care team, and ask for assistance during their hospital stay. MyAtriumHealth Login accounts are available only to Atrium Health patients.

How Do I Sign Up For

To access the MyAtriumHealth Login portal, you must first create an account. Refer the following instructions on how to register:

  • The following actions will automatically activate your account:
    • Contact an Atrium Health provider to schedule an appointment
    • Check-in for your appointment
  • If the front desk staff does not have your mobile phone number and email address on record, they will ask for this information at check-in. You will receive an activation text or email from the front desk staff.
  • You can also request an account by clicking Sign Up Now. The Experian company will ask you several questions. Experian is a third-party service that verifies your identity. Your answers to the Experian questions will not be visible to Atrium Health.
  • Experian will perform a soft credit inquiry to verify your identity. Your credit score will not be affected by the inquiry. If you have a credit freeze, please contact the MyAtriumHealth Support team at 855-799-0044, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

What Is The MyAtriumHealth Login Procedure?

You can log in to your account immediately after you have successfully registered on the portal. Here are the steps to login into your Atrium Health account:

  • Search for MyAtriumHealth in your web browser or go to the official website at
  • In the respective fields, enter your username and password.
  • Click on the sign-in button after verifying your details.

You can now easily access your account and take advantage of the services provided on the portal. Bills can be paid, appointments can be made, health records can be viewed, etc. Additionally, you can view the health records of your children.

How To Access Your Child’s Health Record Through My Atrium Health?

Until the child turns 13, a parent or guardian may request full access to a child’s health record. When a child turns 13, a parent or guardian will have limited access to the child’s health record, which can be used to review allergies, immunizations, insurance coverage, make payments, and send messages until the child turns 18.

It is possible for a parent or guardian to request access to a child’s health record that will remain active after the child turns 18 due to certain medical reasons. Parents or guardians may always call the doctor’s office to discuss their children’s health concerns.

Please visit the MyAtriumHealth Login Page or download the mobile app to request access to your child’s health record:

  • Log in to the official website at Go to Account Settings and select Family Access. Complete and submit your request for access to a minor’s record by clicking on the link Request access to a minor’s record.
  • You can access Family Access under Account Settings after you sign in to the mobile app and tap the Menu icon at the top of your screen.
Official Name MyAtriumHealth
Country USA
Managed By Atrium Health
Mobile App Available
Primary Services Schedule Appointments, eVisits, Pay Bill, Renew Prescriptions, etc.

The following information will be needed from your child:

  • A Social Security Number
  • MRN (Medical Record Number) at Atrium Health. The MRN can be found on the receipt from the child’s doctor visit, right above the telephone number.

Those aged 13 and older can create their own MyAtriumHealth account. If your teen needs an account, ask the provider at his or her next appointment. Your teen will receive an activation text or email to set up their account within two days.

By following the steps below on the MyAtriumHealth Login website at or mobile app, patients age 18 and older can grant or revoke access to anyone they would like to share their health record with:

  • Log in to the official website or mobile app.
  • You can share your record from the main menu by clicking Share My Record.
  • Invite your friends and family to view your health record by clicking the Friends and family access button.
  • Upon receiving the invitation, the person must be able to verify your date of birth once they have received the email address.

A Guide To MyAtriumHealth App Features

Using the Atrium Health mobile app, you can access the company’s services. Download the official app from the App Store or Play Store to gain convenient access to your care. The MyAtriumHealth App offers the following features:

  • Schedule appointments, send messages to your care team, check lab and test results, read your doctor’s notes, start an eVisit, pay your bill, and more.
  • By using your current location or ZIP code, you can search for a Doctor by name, specialty, or primary care physician.
  • In addition, you can map hospitals, find emergency rooms or Urgent care in your area or with the shortest wait time. Make an appointment for Urgent Care. You can view the interiors of select hospitals.
  • Keep track of your exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, and other health-related measurements. Use Apple Health or your own fitness device for additional data.
  • For more information about cancer clinical trials, contact the trial coordinator.
  • View maps and tap to call a location.
  • Save favorite locations for quick access.

Health Messaging and eVisit Services

You will receive an email notification when a provider sends you a new health message through the My Atrium Health Login site. When you log into MyAtriumHealth on a web browser or mobile app, you can click View Message to view new messages directly from the health feed.

In addition, there is the option to send a non-urgent message to your doctor’s office through the My Atrium Health Login website. From the main menu of a web browser or mobile app, click Communication, then Health Messages. A response will take two business days. The nurses in your doctor’s practice receive MyAtriumHealth messages. Your message may be forwarded to your doctor by the nurse. All messages are retained in your medical record.

The purpose of Health Messaging and eVisit is to complement and not replace your primary care physician relationship. Your eVisit and Health Messaging communications may become part of your confidential health record.  In accordance with applicable privacy and medical records policies, you have the right to access your medical record and view this information.

Healthcare information about a defined set of common medical conditions is easily accessible through eVisit services. The eVisit service is only available to established patients of Atrium Health, and the eVisit healthcare providers will access your Electronic Health Record to access your treatment history. Whenever you have questions, difficulties, or complications regarding a treatment recommendation, you should contact your primary care physician as soon as possible. Your primary care physician should be informed of any treatment recommended through eVisit.

MyAtriumHealth Login

Track My Health is a service provided by Atrium Health as part of the MyAtriumHealth program to eligible patients who consent to participate. You can use Track My Health to monitor your health status. To monitor your information remotely, your treatment providers may periodically access and review the information that you provide.

Track My Health does not replace medical advice and should not be used in cases of medical emergencies. The purpose of Track My Health is not to replace standard clinical assessments, nor is it intended to be used as the sole basis for decision-making about your healthcare. If you have any health concerns or an emergency health situation arises, you are responsible for seeking independent medical advice.

About Atrium Health

With innovative research, education, and compassionate patient care, Atrium Health is a national leader in shaping health outcomes. Atrium Health is a nonprofit, integrated health system with more than 70,000 teammates serving patients at 40 hospitals and more than 1,400 care locations in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It provides care under the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist name in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Georgia, and Alabama under the Atrium Health Navicent and Atrium Health Floyd names. Among Atrium Health’s specialties are top-ranked pediatric, cancer, and heart care, as well as organ transplants, burn treatment, and specialized musculoskeletal services.

A leader in experiential education and groundbreaking research, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, is the academic heart of the campus, along with Wake Forest Innovations, which advances medical technologies and biomedical discoveries.

Additionally, Atrium Health is a leading innovator in virtual care and mobile medicine, providing care at home and close to home. The organization has also received the American Hospital Association’s Quest for Quality Prize and its 2021 Carolyn Boone Lewis Award for Equity of Care, as well as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Health Equity Award.

Atrium Health is committed to improving health, elevating hope, and advancing healing – for all. They provide more than $2 billion worth of free and uncompensated healthcare each year and other community services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is MyAtriumHealth?

Yes, we take great care to ensure the confidentiality and security of your health information. AtriumHealth adheres to HIPAA laws and protects your records with encryption technology. Here are some more tips to ensure your information is secure:

  • Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.
  • Set up two-step verification for your account. Choose Security Settings from the main menu in My Atrium Health, then turn on Two-Step Verification.

What are the browser requirements for MyAtriumHealth?

MyAtriumHealth works best with the latest desktop and mobile Web browsers. On a Mac, Safari and Chrome work best. On a PC, use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Can you assist me if I have trouble setting up my MyAtriumHealth account?

For help setting up your account, please contact MyAtriumHealth Support:

  • 704-667-9145, or
  • 855-799-0044 (toll-free)

The support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How can I get a medicine refill through MyAtriumHealth?

Please call your pharmacy to refill a prescription. Upon checking with your pharmacy, if you do not have any refills left, you can request to renew your prescription through MyAtriumHealth.

Closing Remarks

MyAtriumHealth is an excellent website and app that offers its patients amazing services. Some of these services include the MyAtriumHealth Pay Bill, eVisits, messaging, etc. If you are a My Atrium Health patient, sign up on the portal now to access their services.

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